31 March 2018

Planet Equestrian – Mar. 31, 2018

Good morning! In the predawn hours (because we’re not missing the Dubai World Cup for any reason whatsoever), it’s Planet Equestrian, early edition. We have a preview of #DWC2018 of course, and would encourage you to catch the (FREE!! NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED!!) livestream on XBTV, because it’s a world class spectacle with world class international racing. Coverage starts at 6:30 a.m. US Eastern, but if you’re en route to a show, hop over to XBTV beforehand to watch prerace workouts, owner/trainer/jockey interviews, and handicapping tips for those so inclined. Honestly, the pre-race entertainment makes the Super Bowl halftime show look like a rural high school musical. Do NOT miss this.

Elsewhere, we have a wrap-up of the various equestrian discussion forums that have just happened or are about to happen, headlined by the FEI Sports Forum and a link to the replay – which should be of interest to aspiring young riders in particular. We also bring you the sales, the rule changes, and the results from all over the horsey planet. Click here to go to Planet Equestrian. And please send us coffee. :-)