03 February 2018

Planet Equestrian – Feb. 3, 2018

Good morning, and welcome to this week’s Planet Equestrian! We hope you’re following us on social media for live updates from the Palm Beach Masters in Wellington, Florida. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Insta for the latest! Be sure to check our Events page for listings and links to all the other horsey events going on this week, too.

In this week’s Planet Equestrian, we update your 2018 live streaming calendar with several “must watch” events. We focus in on today’s 3 YUUUUGE prep races on the Kentucky Derby Trail and give you rundowns/cheat sheets on the contenders. We look at US Equestrian‘s new drug policies (pay specific attention to the way USE handles drugging infractions in comparison to, say, Australia, also featured today). And as always, we bring you a roundup of the latest competition results from all over the horsey planet. Click here to go to Planet Equestrian.