INTRODUCING STREAMHORSETV, an online calendar of all horse show live streams, in all English disciplines, in all countries, all on one page, with active clickable links and regular updates via Twitter throughout the show day.

Change comes slowly in the horse business. We get that. But the digital millennium is already upon us. Many horse show managers are still coming to grips with the whole live-streaming concept. But nowadays, a horse show’s online stream is the face it presents to the entire world, and a truly great live stream is the best way to capture the attention of young riders, owners, trainers, sponsors and spectators, and attract an entirely new audience.

Millennials watch three times as much content online as they do on terrestrial TV. 80% “binge watch” multiple hours of online streaming content, watching an average 8 hours of content per binge. An astonishing 99% watch their streaming content on a laptop (68%) or smartphone (31%).[1] And for the first time last year, the total online ad spend in the USA exceeded that spent on terrestrial television.[2]

StreamHorseTV was founded at the end of June 2014 by Liz Ireland, completely by accident. “I’m pretty much Exhibit A of a horse show live stream addict,” she laughs. “One day I was aware of so many active horse show live streams that I thought I should make myself up a little table with links to all of them, so I didn’t have to have 50 tabs open in my web browser. So I did a little spreadsheet and posted it online. I didn’t think anyone would ever look at my little page, but instead it took off like a rocket!”

By the end of that same week, Ireland had hired a web design consultant and a freelance database administrator, added over 200 horse show live streams to her database, hired a sales and accounting manager, and started a Twitter feed, @StreamHorseTV, to provide status updates on each horse show’s live stream throughout the day. It attracted more followers in its first week of operation than any other comparable business, and its social analytics show it outperforming some very well known equestrian accounts. It recently hit an all-time high “reach” across all platforms of 565,000, and this is less than one month in!

“We want to be the tab that everyone keeps open while they’re surfing your equestrian website or watching your horse show live stream,” Ireland says. “We want to be the first tab they open in the morning, and the tab that they keep open all day long while they do other things.”

At StreamHorseTV, we believe getting more horse shows on terrestrial television is the solution to a problem which no longer exists. We believe that the way to maximize value and attract business, in the form of exhibitors, spectators and consumers, is to have a truly great live stream from your horse show. And we are here to help you promote them.

At StreamHorseTV, we know your audience because we are your audience. Take a look around our website, and if you like what we do, contact us for more information.

[1] Source: “The Digital Millennial”, a study by Verizon Digital Media, March 2014.
[2] Source: “US internet ad spending surpasses broadcast TV”, by Emily Steel, Financial Times, April 10, 2014.